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Bit Sada 31 ks (BCT-BS01)
Bit box made from strong plastic, with a set of 30 bits and 1 quick lock bit holder 1/4".• PH1 (1x) • PH2 (2x • PH3 (1x) • PZ1 (2x) • PZ2 (5x) • PZ3 (3x) • TX10 (2x) • TX20 (2x) • TX30 (2x) • TX40 (2x) • TX15 (4x) • TX25 (4x) • Bit holder (1x)
Vrták Sada (BCT-DRS01)
Fully grounded HSS-Drills made of hardened solid material. The reinforced core-section gives a better fracture-stability and enables professional drilling under low tolerances and provides a longer life-time of the tool. The drills should be used wherever roll-forged drills have reached their limit of performance on metals or wood.Specifications: • Box: Industrial metal quality • Drills: 1 -10 mm increment 0.5 mm • Drill quality:..
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